Floating like a ship with no rudder
In in this sea called life
Almost under
The waves with which I strife
My face raised to the sky
My voice reach to the heavens
Praying that help comes by
Even if the messengers be Ravens

See the sea of faces all around
Some long some round
Some to me by blood bound
Some by twist of fate found
Yet strife grinds me to the ground
Yet to my shackles I am bound
No help in them I found
For all they want is my penny and my pound

I see the light now
My cross is mine to bear
And the sweat on my brow
Shall remain there
Except by my will alone
For no one knows a brother
Each is on his own
Even seeds of the same father

So being alone this day
O Lord to you I pray
Beside me for ever to stay
May your light light my way
As i follow you each day
May my enemies never hold sway
May victory be mine each way
And glory to you is what i will say

My help comes fro the lord...
He is my strength and my sword....


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